Diana Veras does the two-minute smokey Eye

Forget Youtube tutorials, Instagram makeup, and just about any resource telling you how to do anything (except for, uh, this one). Make-up is a beautiful, transformational, power-wielding tool, but before we can use it to the best of our ability, we need to understand and accept the fact that we are, in fact, just as worthy sans shadow, liner, and whatever else finds itself draping our faces at 8am, coffee smells and Spotify playlists floating jubilantly nearby. 

All of us at Su use, love and enjoy makeup, and find the prospect of its banishment not only radical, but the loss of a wonderfully artistic mode of expression. Halloween aside, we can bet you've been one to feel relatively bad AF while walking down the street, breeze in the air, freshly-swiped eyeliner in a perfect feline flick. Or, perhaps, have felt utter satisfaction upon observing your post-party muddled red lip, the sign of a night filled with laughter, dancing, and deep metaphysical life chats on the roof of your friends apartment building. 

If you don't enjoy wearing makeup, you don't have to wear it. If you do, you should. The point we'd like to enforce is that you should begin your day walking towards your bathroom sink feeling just as excited as you do leaving it - because, frankly, you're glorious as hell. 

Our friend Laura Noben is a Belgian makeup artist living in New York City, and her euro-approach to makeup made her an irresistible call for producing this story. We asked Laura to use some of her favourite products for an easy, just-festive-enough nighttime look that takes less than ten minutes - because, uh, you have a life to live. What Laura came up with? Basically the Mona Lisa of Parisienne party looks. 

 Notoriously known to harbour a relatively laissez-faire attitude on foundation and the like, the european way is perfectly embodied here, in Diana Veras' glitzy, smokey eye. Not only is it easy (taking several minutes, with a liner, some glitter gel and one precision brush), but it enhances the shimmer in your irises when you're talking about, doing, or just staring at something you love (you can eye roll, but damn, do we need more of that right now).

To try, Laura advises you take a black eyeliner (here, she used Kat Von D's tattoo pen) and make a nice defined line around the upper lash line. With a kohl pencil (our new obsession, ever since witnessing Daphné Hezard's makeup routine) deepen the intensity of the black liner by blending pigment into the lash line, around and under the lid, taking your fingers or a fluffy brush to smudge as necessary. With a glitter gel (Laura loves this one), outline the top and bottom corners of your lash line, adorning as you see fit. "Then," adds Laura, "use the MAC extreme black mascara and a good lip moisturizer to finish the look - we use Glossier's Balm dot com. Never scented, so it can go anywhere that needs a touch of moisture." 

Photographed by Brandon Taelor Aviram
Make Up by Laura Noben
Muse, Diana Veras at JAG Models 

madison schill