Europe and the West: Travel diaries of Brandon Taelor Aviram

There is something intoxicating about travel; whether it has to do with sitting on a plane, eyes absorbing mountains of new, ever-changing clouds, or plopping down, exhausted and curious, onto a starch-white hotel bed. Travel evokes the creation of new layers of identity, the growth of foreign - yet familiar - skin. 

Lessons are learned, friendships are forged, and eclipsing, passionate love affairs are had; either with people, places, or moments themselves. We are allowed to binge on feelings and form when visiting another point of reference, because we know we will not have it forever; we will not be able to see these trees, those clouds, that skin, again. 

And when we return home, we are all the fresher for it; enveloped in the feeling of being new, being raw, being more in tune with what we like, and perhaps inversely, don't. 

So travel, when you can. And when you can't, look at these images, shot through somebody else's curious, wandering, art-hungry lens. 

Photographed by Brandon Taelor Aviram

madison schill