Better Than Boy Brow? What to buy when you don’t live in The USA

We will never actually know, I guess, if these products are better than the fabled Boy Brow, Glossier’s hero product du jour. Why? We live in Canada, a meagre hour-long plane ride away, but lifetimes, lifetimes, from that beautiful tube of brow perfection. 

I know. It’s hard.

The secret to Boy Brow is in its formulation; inspired by a men’s mustache wax, the pomade transforms baby hairs into fully-formed adults, defining your face without cultivating a reaction of “whoa, hey, is Eugene Levy your Dad?”

Because, see, that’s the thing — none of us here are into the Instagram eyebrow. It’s so confusing! So time-consuming! So not your brows! We put on enough of a proverbial mask each day; getting dressed, dying our hair, sliding on lipstick, lying to our parents (why yes, I took my probiotics today and my homework is done, thanks). Why worry about adding one more element to the masquerade? Our motto is your face, your brows, your body, but at its best. Not different, see. Just damn fine. 👌

What we wanted to do here was fill in the gap that Boy Brow placed in our hearts, on our foreheads, and in our cute little makeup bags. As Canadians, we can’t buy it (cc International Shipping gods, can you get on this, plz?). What we can do, however, is share the next best thing.

I personally own the clear shade of this version — as a tip, too, always take a lighter shade than you’d instinctively prefer. These (like a best friend) don’t flake, and keep everything in their place, but they can be clumpy if you don’t swipe off the excess before application. It’s worth it, though. I felt like a little Picasso!

Benefit’s bang is cultivated by the easy-to-use, less-mess brush size. Whether you have baby brows or caterpillars like mine, the size of this applicator will take care of you, no matter what.

Aside from an irresistible name (Clinique, your copy writer just won, everything), the four-shade variety is refreshing, as is the handy-dandy convenience in its portable size. The price is right for the quality, and at this point, you can tell we’re all about a brush applicator.

This one, is interesting. It’s a total win if you can a) exercise restraint in application, and b) don’t travel too much. The kit is MEGA affordable, super fun and a great gift idea, as behind the mirror is a list of instructions on mastering the perfect brow. A mini-set of tweezers, trio of shade options and highlighting powder also come in handy, so if you want a bang for you buck and for your brows, essence has your heart.

An eyebrow mainstay even before Cara could catwalk, Anastasia Beverly Hills knows. Her. Shit. My very first eyebrow kit was by Anastasia, and at 14 years old it was my very first commitment to seriously, not-just-lip-gloss makeup. This pomade is the best of the best; just apply with a clean mascara wand for that perfect, woke-up-this-way texture.

Need more of a boost? Let Charlotte help you out:

May your week be a brow-raising one!

madison schill