2017: A Red Lip to last all Year

Don't be scared, first of all. 

The red lip once stood as a symbol of showbusiness; a sign of feminine glam, it channelled images of hollywood red carpets and velvety, secret-steeped lips. In 2017 however, like many of those that wear it, a red lip now means more than ever; with shades and textures that compliment any face, skin tone, and existential approach. 

Not just a choice between MAC's Ruby Woo or Nars' Lady Danger, the lip lacquer can be matte, sheer or shimmering, reflecting the elegance in a plethora of skin tones. We can - and should, perhaps - don it on a Monday morning, a Saturday night, and any moments in between; like sequins for day, women are doing whatever the fuck they want with their bodies, and I invite you to join in on the soirée. stat.  Personally, I like wearing a red lip when out alone; it feels indulgent and personal and, in a global landscape that eschews such frivolities, like an act of rebellious love. 

La Prep

Fresh Beauty made a brilliantly simple gift box for the holidays, containing all of the essentials you'd need; exfoliant, treatment, balm. Before adding any sort of pout pigment, consider creating a healthy, moisturized canvas first. Sort of like in life, really - before the extras, do the essential. A foundation before flare. 

The Anti-Rules

The great thing about being you is that there are no set rules to make yourself feel awesome; a red lip entails more of the same. Some people prefer using a liner, a lip brush, a moisturizing gloss, etc; but I like my middle finger, some lipstick, and a whole lotta chill. For this look, makeup artist Jodi painted on my lipstick with a simple lip brush; making sure I had a moist canvas to start, first. Other than that, however, the rules are yours for the making; all this article should do is give you permission, with no particulars in sight. 

Our favourite Shades

Bite Beauty - Amuse Bouche
Super hydrating and made with 100% food-grade ingredients, this Canadian label can be found exclusively through Sephora and at their ever-expanding gang of lip labs worldwide. We particularly love Gazpacho, but for a more universally flattering nude, try Verbena on for size. 

Tom Ford - Lips and Boys
Not only are the names cheeky and super fun, but these smaller-sized offerings are gentler on your purse weight, and wallet. Play around with the offerings, and have fun with the names of these brilliantly-marketed shades. My favourite? A regular-sized bullet in "flame." 

MAC Cosmetics - Ruby Woo
A classic for a reason, friends, this is the shade Taylor Swift wears. Too much? Try Brick, which my best friend Hannah loves. 

Nars - Manhunt
My very first lipstick, I'll swipe it on when aching for some safe, sweet nostalgia. The name has a tad of influence, too. 

Photography by Ryan Fujiki
Styling by Truc Nguyen 
Makeup by Jodi Urichuk