Facial Oil: How to Make your Own

Skin, like anything else in life, can take ages to understand. Our most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves, and we owe it to this sidekick of ours to do all we can to show it some love. Why not trust yourself, then, to know what you need the most? 

When it comes to skincare, putzing around miles of packaging and promises of eternal elegance can render us clueless, dependent and even ignorant of the things we actually need. Feel your skin losing its signature glow? Maybe some self-love and an extra hour of sleep will do more good than that tube of exfoliating beads. One thing I love referring back to is Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943. It's actually pretty cool - Maslow lists our needs in a handy-dandy pyramid, declaring those at the bottom (basic things, like food, shelter, and air) must be met before more medial desires (financial security, personal safety, family), which then lead to more complex, exciting goals, like self-respect and a strong sense of worth.

The highest level in Maslow's basic pyramid is known as self-actualization, the idea that a person can reach their fullest potential, or what you can be, you must be. In short, it's only if we truly take care ourselves from bottom to top that we will then be able to do the fun, dreamy, sparkling fun stuff. So we better take care!

One of the ways we can get there is in looking after our little vessel; this layer of meat we get to hang out in for a (very long!) while. And, regarding skincare, sometimes the most seasoned expert when it comes to your skin is, erm....YOU.

Ready to take advantage of that? We did, and it was the best decision of our love-centred lives. Focusing on the oils, extracts, and essences we needed, we won't only save money, but we can get right to the root of our needs, which is pretty much paradise, no?

In order to make your own Facial Oil, here's what you'll need:

One 1-oz glass vial with bottle dropper (A dark-coloured glass is best, as it will preserve the integrity and potency of the delicate ingredients. Opt for a bottle dropper as it will keep your mixture clean and easy to use).


Carrier Oil

These are completely up to you! A carrier, or "base oil" is the main oil of your mix, so choose well, and pick one that works best for your skin. My favourites are Argan or Avocado oil, as they're both insanely nourishing yet light – They'll absorb into that face like a dream! Here's a few others you might consider:

Jojoba oil (great for dry, aging, oily, normal, or acne-prone skin)
Apricot kernel oil (great for any skin type, but especially good for normal, dry, and aging skin)
Sweet almond oil (just an all-around great facial oil, but it takes a bit longer to “sink in” than the first two)
Grapeseed oil (great for normal, oily, or acne-prone skin)
Avocado oil (great for dry and aging skin)
Hemp seed oil (great for any skin type, also very light)


Accent Oils

These oils are a little more potent, and yes, a little more pricey, but they work wonders and are not to be ignored.

Tamanu oil (Incredibly for skin dealing with acne or excess oil, or skin with scars)
Sea buckthorn oil (powerfully nourishing, this is a great oil for all skin types, but especially aging or dry skin. Very rich and healing)
Rosehip seed oil (My fave!!!!! This one is incredibly regenerating, this and is known for it’s firming and anti-aging abilities — ideal for dry, aging, and normal skin. My Dad also uses this one at night!)
Carrot seed oil (You just need a small dollop of this oil, but it’s superb for any skin type — literally nothing it can't heal!)
Borage oil (Crazy high in oleic acids, this oil is great for most skin types, but especially oily and acne-prone skin)
Evening primrose oil (Acne, aging, normal skin, you name it - This one is popular AF)
Neem oil (Very antimicrobial and healing, neem oil is a stellar choice for acne and oily skin. Very, very rich, so you don't need much!)
Emu oil (Emollient like you wouldn’t believe, emu oil is protective and nourishing for dry or aging skin)


Essential Oils

Essential Oils are what will add the fingerprint to your signature blend - What you choose here is completely up to you, and may require a little research, but will pay off every evening when you inhale that gorgeous aroma. Lavender, Frankincense, Rose, Rose Geranium, Lemongrass, Palmarosa, you name it - These are a few of my favourites. A little goes a long way, so you'll be able to have these babies forever and, in traditional M/O/M fashion, the uses for essential oils are ENDLESS. So much room for activities inside that little bottle!!  (I nab mine from Young Living - I've used this brand since I was just a handful of years old!)

Now. The Process. 

We’re going to assume you’re using a 1-oz bottle (for essential oil purposes), but if you use a smaller bottle, be sure to adjust your essential oil additions downward as necessary. Here's what to do:

  1. Fill your small bottle until it is 2/3 full of your carrier oil.
  2. Add your nourishing accent oil until the bottle is just about full (unless you’re using carrot seed oil – If so, just put in a few drops).
  3. Add 4-7 drops of essential oil. Less if you’re using peppermint, because that one is especially drying but GREAT for acne-prone faces. Take it drop by drop - This way you can gauge, very roughly, just how much essential oil you’ll need or prefer. I like a strong scent, but I've grown up around essential oils and know my preferences. You should be able to smell your facial oil, but it shouldn't be overpowering. Just faintly irresistible, ya know?

Keep your facial oil out of the sunlight, and it should be good for 8-12 months.

Photographed by Carlo Calope
Makeup and Hair by Brittany Sinclair
Art Direction Madison Schill
Muse, Stephanie Smith of Elite Models

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