Add to Cart: What we're buying this Week

Ever since meeting fellow fashion enthusiast, general twin soul & probable first hire Emily Brade, I've noticed a beautiful and terrifying uptick in my beauty spending, especially when it comes to french pharmacy, undiscovered niche brands (ugh gag me with lust) or those long-coveted, thought-about-for-years "investment items." 

Basically, I don't want to be alone in this. 

Starting this week, a round-up of the products we're buying, loving, & in the midst of testing, below. 

In love and literally no money whatsoever, 

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
I actually just bought this - my first real-life makeup purchase in years - last weekend, and WOW, the power of makeup! Until this concealer, I'd been praying that Glossier's stretch variety could cover my pimples (otherwise, I let them fly free, because imperfections are chic imo). This does an incredible job at creamy, skin-like coverage. If you need a new concealer, or are like me and just want to START with one, look no further.

Moon Juice Beauty Dust
I've been using this in my coffee every single day for the past two weeks, and I love it, partly because it makes my caffeine addiction feel much more wholesome and healthy. Also, I like to think of Moon Juice's dust offerings as an "adaptogens-for-beginners" situation, as herbs like Lion's Mane, Rhodiola and Chaga are all amazing for keeping us calm. Plus, in the era of Trump and constant resistance, we need all the fortifying we can get, skin-related perks or not. 

Glossier Gen G in Leo
This shade is good. Like, 90s-teen-sitcom-meets-French-Provocatrice good. The formula has been re-vamped too, so you're in for a smoother, more hydrated look that lasts longer on the lèvres. Also, the packaging has been upgraded, which *conveniently* allows for a touch more product than it's OG version. We dug. We bought. We conquered. 

Biologique Recherche P50T
Yes. I bought it. I'd been thinking - no, dreaming - about this product for a depressingly long amount of time as I'd scroll through French faces on Tumblr wondering "what's the secret?" and then, having met these people irl, wondering more except more fervently (visualize me, brows-furrowed, eyes in a wtf?!? sort of situation).
Thus far, I'm pretty sure this lotion is the thing. The variable. The agent X. It's amazing. I've owned it for two days and am already considering renovating my bathroom to make it the focal point of my entire life. I'm keeping cautious, however - stay tuned for Friday's stash of new content, sure to include a tell-all, juicy rundown of all the deets, science, facts, etc.