12 Female Forces on the Skin Secrets they swear By

When it comes to skincare, the prospect of adding something new to our routines is daunting AF. 
My solution? This arsenal of beauty editors, model moms and fashion phenoms who have literally tried. it. all. 
Since we've got enough to worry about in 2017, I figured I shouldn't keep such wisdom to myself. These women are powerful, hilarious, and have had me hanging off their every word from the moment I met them - you'll feel the same. 
Grab a pen, paper, and have fun with this one. 

- Madison

Kristie Dash, Senior Editor, Obsessee
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy
"I swear this is the perfect, universally flattering lipstick. The shade is a natural-but-enhanced rose and the consistency is hydrating and only slightly shiny, not sticky. If my face looks colorless, I glide this on and I’m immediately awake!" - @kristiedash

Maegan Keeley, Gilt Groupe
L'oreal Liquid Liner.
"This might have been the very first makeup product I ever owned as a kid. A girl in my 7th grade class had "taught" me how to use [eyeliner] and needless to say, I was a raccoon-eyed brooding teenager that looked like she poked her eyes out with a magic marker. My mom, clearly embarrassed at my lack of talent when it came to makeup artistry, would ground me from wearing makeup to school. She'd refuse to buy me more liner when I'd run out, so it was my addiction to this product that convinced me it was necessary to snatch a few bills from my moms wallet when she turned her cheek. But finally, once the early 2000's emo phase died down, I mastered the classic winged liner and haven't let go of it since. Over a decade later, I don't think you'll find another liner in my makeup bag." - @oxbloodd

Jess Lewis, Model, producer & Literal #MomGoals
"Because I'm a working mum I have NO TIME so I like a routine that can fit my multitasking schedule. While I'm in the shower I use my cleanser. I love Caudalie because it's fresh and relaxing at the same time. As soon as I get out of the shower I put on my coco oil mask and leave that on while I answer emails/feed the babe/do laundry etc. After I wash off my coco oil mask I do a solid spray of rose water and make sure to breathe in as I'm spraying...its very soothing for me. And then coco oil. It's good for a million different things. Irritable, tired skin, cooking, diaper rash, etc ... I have so many jars of it stocked because I'm always finding new uses for it." - @justjesslewis

Image c/o David Barron

Laura Noben, Creative Director & Makeup Artist
"Quite a few years back I was managing a beauty salon in Belgium and met this amazing woman who changed my life. I was dealing with a lot of skin problems when she told me what to do (health and beauty wise). She stressed on quitting chocolate, drinking lots of water and using Belico. Belico, you’ll read it, is a German Medical skin care product without parabens focusing on regenerating skin cells and hydration. The thing is to use everything of one line before it really gives you the amazing result you’re looking for." - @lauranoben

Jillian Richardson, Law Student, NYU
YSL's Touche Éclat - Radiant Touch in Luminous Ivory.
"I'm in law school right now so I don't get as much sleep as I should. I dab this onto my bottom lash line every morning to keep myself from looking like a zombie even when I feel like one. It's seriously a miracle!" - @jilliancrichardson

Olivia Anakwe, Fashion Model
"The Clarisonic! Amazing for deep cleansing. I feel like everyone needs a Clarisonic because it truly changed my life. The brush lifts the dirt deep from your pores and completely smoothes the skin. You will be glowing after your first use!" - @olivia_anakwe

Emily Gill, Food Scientist & Ice Cream Chemist
Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. 
"Worth the hype 100p. This stuff is brilliant! Before bed I cleanse my skin gently, dab a drop on the tip of all 5 fingers, spread onto other 5 finger tips in a high-five style & massage onto eyes, temples - anywhere that needs deep moisture overnight. I wake up feeling like a goddess every time!" - @killrgillr

Samantha Bolger, Fashion Model & co-founder More than a Model Radio
"One of my favorite (and only lol) beauty tricks is simply putting drops of essential oils into plain/basic organic face creams before using them! I usually use Frankincense or Elemi because I've heard that they do wonders for your skin (source: my mom). Not to mention, they smell amazing! It's well known that there are endless health benefits to using all kinds of essential oils in all different ways. I prefer to use as many natural products as possible... I'm very much a "less is more" kind of girl when it comes to beauty products. Coconut oil, olive oil, coffee grounds, lemons, etc. are a few more of my at home DIY go-tos 😉" - @samanthasbolger

Hannah Donker, Fashion Model
"I love the eye patch treatments from SKYN Iceland! They are the perfect pick me up for everything from a long shooting day or flight to a fun night out with the girls. They instantly brighten tired eyes (in 10 minutes to be exact) and can easily be incorporated into a busy schedule for the girls who like to keep simple!" - @hannahdonker

Rita Remark, Essie Global lead Educator, Essie Canada Lead Nail Artist & Session Manicurist
"I've always been obsessed with fragrance. I think if I wasn't polishing nails, I'd be concocting perfumes. For years, I would switch up my perfume every few months, but recently Ive been committed to Amber Oil (editor's note: see here!). A couple drops on my wrist and I feel fully dressed. It has a subtly smoky-sweet scent that blooms with your body heat. It's the kind of scent you want to curl up with." - @ritaremark

...They are truly the one product I will lie slash steal to keep for myself
— Victoria DiPlacido, Beauty Editor

Victoria DiPlacido, Associate Beauty Editor, Elle Canada
"I love Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels so much - they are truly the one product I will lie (aka "no, fellow beauty editors, they did not come into the office, so weird") slash steal (from the beauty closet) to keep for myself. I have tried so many AHA/BHA products and always come back to these. My skin is pretty reactive, but I use the Extra Strength ones and it's usually fine. I'll use the Ultra Gentle ones in the summer or if I'm coming off of an excema break out and I need to ease my way back in to the acids. 
              Because they are like gold to me I will only dole them out to people in true/desperate need of the DG glow, and I've only ever heard good things about their results. I think they were actually the last product I paid for, which, as a beauty editor who receives dozens a products a day, is saying something." - @victoriadiplacido

Le Dao, Savile Row Academy, London
"My hero product to cleanse my skin is camellia oil. It's the first step I use in removing my makeup and it also nourishes my skin, which is often dry and oily. Full disclosure; I have combination dry and oily t-zone skin and suffer from eczema." - @_ledao_

Photos: David Barron, Brandon Aviram and contributors' own. 

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