Glossier just released a new Product

I'm currently writing this as I sit in an airport, bound for the Glossier-less land of Canada, with no less than seven pink pouches in my bag. I can recite ingredients, price points and current promotions on cue, and have demo'd, researched and objectively scanned every single item to leave Glossier's arms. 

Until, probably, next week rolls around. 

Announced today, Glossier seems to be coming out with the next step in their "less-is-more" makeup militia, which currently includes skin tint (3x less pigmented than a regular bb cream or tinted moisturizer, which is a major selling point), stretch concealer (it's amazing, truly), boy brow (if nothing else, try this), gen g (currently re-formulated for more moisture and an even application, plus amped up with stronger, more opaque packaging that also happens to hold more product), and haloscope (three shades of dew we can *all* wear). 

Called "cloud paint," this product seems to evoke a feeling of freshly flushed goodness, just in time for the first blush of spring. There looks to be a series of shades (maybe, like, four?), and the packaging is consistent - a squeezable tube with a cute and child-like screw top. 

What do you think, will you buy it? What's your verdict on glossier; what can't you live without? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more deets. We will circle back with the science shortly. 

Stay Su.

madison schillComment