How to buy a Bra, with Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk is woke AF. 

Not only incredibly nice at 7:30 am (and trust, it takes a lot to be excited about generally repetitive interviews in foreign countries on press trips, of which she was in the midst of), Elsa has a really dope, even-keeled, compassionate vibe. It's *so* nice to admit this. And, on top of her kindness, Elsa happens knows some things. So we talked to her.

Stay Su,

What are the elements of a really good bra fit for you?

I think, especially since today we’re promoting the body by Victoria, it is really the most comfortable collection Victoria’s Secret has. It’s this bra that you put on, and you don’t even feel like it’s on. Cause I always feel like when I go home, the first thing I want to do is rip my bra off [laughs] and let my body breathe. But this collection, it’s just like you want to keep it on. And it’s got this great lounge part, and it’s great for just lounging around at home, playing, walking down to the store, hanging out with your friends. It’s just comfortable, and it looks cute, and that’s just stuff that we as women like.

What are the three elements that your go-to bra has to have?
I think comfort, it has to be cute, and it has to move with the body. It can’t rise up, it just has to stay on well.

Okay, so I have a scenario, you’re packing for a weekend in L.A, and in your bag, you’re packing five things.
I’m really good at this actually! In all my years of travelling, I’ve become really good — you have to. And it’s fun too, because you have so many clothes, but I think when you travel you get more creative, so if you only bring five things, you can go shopping [laughs], you can mix and match. What I would bring, I’d say probably jean shorts, a dress for going out, a shirt — a flannel maybe — and two tops. Cause then you can mix and match everything. The colours would be kind of muted so you can mix and match everything.

What’s your favourite item in your closet?
Ah! My biker jacket.

Nice. Also, Victoria’s Secret, it’s a great brand, it’s a great place to be. What has it taught you about getting dressed, tailoring?

It taught me the importance of lingerie. Like when you have nice lingerie on, you feel different, you walk different. I walk into the world, and I feel like ‘I got this!’ And we care so much about what’s on the outside, but when you have the parts that are closest to you, when they’re nice, you just feel better. And also that the fit is so important, and I don’t know! I feel like it just elevates me.

Can you give one tip, to just a regular girl, who doesn’t pay attention much to her lingerie?
I would tell her to go get measured! And get the right size bra, and you know, go try on the most comfortable bra that you also think is cute, and Victoria’s secret does the best job with that out of anyone. Just makes beauty and comfort in such a great way.

And my last question: what’s your favourite Victoria’s Secret bra for day, and your favourite for a night going out?
I think the Very Sexy is really nice for the night because it adds a couple of cups, and you know it has lace, and it’s really sexy, so it’s nice to wear that when you go out. And for the day, definitely Body by Victoria!

** edited for clarity.

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