Now that Fashion Month is Over, Here's how to Feel about It.

Hey ladies. This one is important.

To put a few things out there, this post is going to be a little unlike the others. I’m gearing it specifically at models, right now, dealing with the post-fashion week feels. This post was what I needed to hear, and what several active and former models have asked me to discuss with you. Because, the truth is, all models have felt this way. I cannot think of one friend of mine who hasn’t expressed such concerns to me during show season.

Your body is where it needs to be. But let me ask you this: is your mind?

Also, I’m going to be more blunt than usual. Because it’s oftentimes show season that sets the tone for the rest of your year; in how you perceive yourself, how you view yourself in comparison to other girls, and most crucially, how you treat yourself. I’m going to be honest here because I know how many girls are too scared to ask questions — I understand that.

First off, I can almost guarantee that during the slew of castings, go-sees, and fittings you’ve looked at other models in squinty-eyed curiosity —" how do I measure up?" you might have thought. For me, I’d always assume I was the biggest girl in the room. I dismissed it as positive stress; it kept a fire under my butt, and jolted me to stay on track if I ever got too comfortable in my career.

But like, No.

Later I realized that this sort of attitude, this fear-based kind of motivation, does us virtually no good. I’m not saying this because I’m no longer modelling and therefore can say anything I want no matter how unrealistic I sound, but rather because I was my most successful when I adopted this formula; finding confidence in viewing my own body as it’s own individual thing.

Also (in case this seems to narrow a gaze to act as proof), my friends - girls who I’ve known in the industry long before I ever started in it - weren’t their most successful until they adopted this attitude. If you’re following us on Instagram, you’ll see heaps of top models telling you, over and over and over again, to embrace your OWN qualities, to shun the idea of looking like everyone else even though the past ten years of top models has pushed us towards the notion.

Look, I get it. The desire to fit in comes from some seriously real places, like, bluntly, the hoards of people telling you to do so (lol). But zoom out for a second - how cool will it be to look back and know you just got to do you?

For me, I’d always assume I was the biggest girl in the room.

One idea for show seasons of the future; Pack snacks. Raisins, fruits, vegetable juices, cashew milk, nuts, hummus, protein-rich meals…and eat every few hours, when you're hungry, when your body wants you to. You're allowed to eat. I’m giving you the permission to do so, allowing you to squash  the fear that eating before a fitting will jeopardize your chances of fitting into the clothes.

On that note, your agency approved you to cast for shows. That right THERE tells us you’re good to go — your body is where it should be, so don’t try to lose weight during a hectic and crazy month. (And if your agency didn't - don't use that as a ticket to self-loathing. Are you healthy? Run with it. Be your own agent - the industry is changing). You’re going to look how you feel if you start depriving yourself, and think about it — would a brand, younger cousin, sister, or friend, want a sick-looking teenager representing the joy of what it means to be creative, in fashion, alive?

Fuck no. They want you - and building a career out of authenticity is not only admirable, but much better for all, long-term. So please, maintain your beautiful self this week. Your body is WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE. But let me ask you this: is your mind?

In terms of insta/body/booking jealousy, too: do you. No other body is meant to look like hers, and no other body will look like yours. It’s also so easy to develop a distorted sense of self during this time; so focus within, radiate what is unique within you, and don’t be afraid to look people in the eyes and scare the crap out of them with your awesomeness. #YOLO, amiright?

To all the women reading this existing around models, managing models, or who scroll through model posts on the daily; you're gorgeous. And never feel like what you are, right now, in this moment, is anything less than enough, wonderful, radiant. We're so happy you're you. 

Now, ladies. We are so proud of you. Are YOU proud of you?

Image by Cory Vanderploeg of Khrystyana, who we think is rad as hell. 

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