We feel You: The Definitive Breakout Survival Guide


We all have those days. 

You know the ones; your bump turns into a pimple, your pimple turns into three pimples, those three pimples get massive and angry so you cancel all social engagements, draw the blinds and pray.
Every time, we do the same thing. We SAY to ourselves that we won't pick, and then promptly go to the bathroom and squeeze the everloving crap out of these guys. This makes your pimple worse; the damage will spread, scar, and all of a sudden you're explaining to your grandkids how exactly you got that hole in your face.
If you're going through a similar tough time, we at Su La Po have put together a breakout survival kit. It's similar to a breakup kit - and can almost be used interchangeably - only the breakout kit involves less chocolate and drunken 3AM phone calls.

It’s similar to a breakup kit - and can almost be used interchangeably - only the breakout kit involves less chocolate and drunken 3AM phone calls.
— Madison Liu

Start by GENTLY washing your face with the mildest cleanser you have. Hopefully this is one you've already used before, so you know it won't irritate you further. We love Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser, but recommend you not use the hot cloth on your tender tender face area (just warm water is sufficient). After you're done, slap a pimple bandaid on that sucker. Not only will the salicylic in Cosrx's master patch help heal your pimple (it's so subtle, it can even be worn under makeup) but it will stop you from mindlessly fondling it until it gets worse and explodes. (No? Just me?)
After you've swapped Tinder for Spotify, I like to make myself a glass of what I call “Skin Saver," which is two parts unsweetened green tea to one part Organic mixed power berry juice on ice. I’m pretty sure this does very little for my skin in the short term, but I think that it does help in a psychosomatic way. I can imagine that this tart, healthy-tasting drink fuels the revival of all face-related happiness, and that alone seems to do something. Chugging water will also help, and in a more realistic fashion.
Next up is relaxation. The stress of having a breakout feeds the very breakout itself, which is cruel and unusual punishment. Cotton Poplin by Byredo is lightly fragrant and an all around versatile magician when it comes to mood. Also, the idea that you're the type of person who lights a candle to relax will probably go further in relaxing you than actually lighting the candle. A Netflix subscription monthly fee is probably cheaper than a social life anyways, plus a mindless Friends binge will support you through this difficult time, much like a real friend can.
Once your breakout begins to wane, you may be tempted to attack it. This is a mistake. It will only make it angrier. A rule of thumb is to treat your pimple like a five year old - let it be, permitting it to explore (and leave!) your face in its own good time. Stay strong! Any unnecessary intervention will prolong your pain. 
When you finally do have to go outside, I recommend a few drops of Niacinamide from The Ordinary and the gentlest moisturizer you have. You should be looking for something with SPF, though I do like the comfort cream by Ren should your priority be soothing the skin. Let this cream sit for ten minutes, apply makeup and realize that as quickly as this new friend came into your life, it too shall leave.

Photography by Brandon Taelor Aviram, of the loveliest Diana Veras.