More Than a Model Radio: An Interview with our Founder

The arc of "the model" has been peppered with singular words that attempt to define it: idyllic, aspirational, outspoken, unconventional, art.

Perhaps over time - to the general public, most pressingly - models have commenced an uncovering of sorts, finding our footing (and talking about it!) as we grapple with the same sorts of insecurities we're pressured to perpetuate in others. 

Humanizing a fashion model is a trying task when you consider how much social media has glamorized, glitter-soaked and galvanized any hint of normalcy models experience. Like any profession, hard work and hard times are essential - our finessed product just happens to be at the epicentre of a cultural covet-session; the apple of our eye for vanity, expression, art.

This is, thusly, why I love things like More Than a Model Radio. The model interviewing me here, Samantha Bolger, isn't trying to draw attention to our presence as "fashion people" - we don't think that's the point. What it is doing, however, is pointing out the similarities we (ALL) share in how we live our lives; in wanting - and sometimes not getting - what we dream of, in learning, in falling flat on our faces, and in realizing that no, there is no linear path to this whole "life thing."

- Madison

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