The best Mascara we've ever Tried


Mascara is, to me, the cherry on top of your makeup sundae. My makeup sundae is generally quite sparse, containing a few products, generally complexion-related, and the swipe of a good lip in cabs, trains and desks throughout the day. I can rely, one would say, on these products delivering the same thing they did yesterday, so long as I remain focused long enough to swipe, tap, and blend. But mascara? Ugh. Between the fear of somehow stabbing myself in the eye (again), to sneezing just after applying and then dealing with the smear of black all along my freshly-acquired dark circles (which I've come to kind of love, btw)...mascara just never seems to be dependable. Some days, the wand delivers a smooth, even application of product, and others, I look like I've dipped my lashes in crazy string. There is no middle ground. 

The look of wands, too, seem to be running away from simplicity. This parabola of complexity reminds me of the frustration I feel at a restaurant where all my body wants is steak, and the closest offering is some variant of a beef foam with saffron garnish...translating to a hangry, confused...admittedly sad, Madison. Simplicity is sometimes the most elegant option. And in a world where everyone wants to stand out, it's understandably the hardest route to take. 

Which is why, in a world where mascara never gets me jazzed, I am penning this article on the one that did the unthinkable. IT cosmetics' Tightline mascara is a 3-in-1 product with a brilliantly thin wand, allowing you to coat every lash in a way that may entice you to kick your expensive eyelash extension habit (not bluffing. seriously). 

Tightline has been developed with plastic surgeons in an effort to work with and on your lashes - for once, this marketing is not just talk. The formula is "peptide-infused," which means that smaller-than-normal molecules act as building blocks to trigger the production of collagen, which aids in the health of our lashes. Also in this sweet silver tube is a helping of hydrolyzed collagen, protein, biotin, jojoba, saw palmetto, chamomile, aloe, açai, amino acids and antioxidants - which, goodness, sure packs more of a punch than my usual Covergirl did. 

The beauty of this 3-in-1 claim is that it both promises and delivers - acting as a nourishing lash primer, mascara, and liner (yes! liner!) at once. The thinness of the wand allows for you to get right to the lash line, pressing along the edge of the lid to great a smokey, sexy, miles-long lash look

Tried, Tested, Totally sold. 

top image by Guy Marineau, Kate Moss backstage in the 90s

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