Under the Skin: It's okay to feel Broken.

I want to make one thing clear. A lost love does not merely hurt for one time slice and then vanish like clouds do, if nudged by the right breeze. 

Heartbreak is chemical change. The events - the loss, confusion, consumption, hurt - that once ricocheted through your chest do not exit from your intestines but rather, reach like rivers and seep into the lakes of your life. Your future will forever be trailed by your past, and though some are conscious of it, lovingly wrapping bandaids of self-awareness and objectivity over their achilles heels, there will come a time when the right cocktail of chaos will feel like a hammer to that sore spot; a spot which is part of you, in you, all of you, in some instances. 

Heartbreak is chemical change.

The gilded lining is this - This pain; a polychromatic bruising that feels neon but bleeds invisible ink, unites all of us, should we dare to realize it. Funny enough, if we choose to be so bold as to lean into the pain, to let our bodies embrace it like bubble gum expanding towards sky, you'll find that so many good people will be there to receive you in this naked, foreign place. 

This is the place I am now living in, fragile footstep by fragile footstep, paving my own way with florescent crayons before the next waves inspire me to wash, reset, rebuild. 

Always in Love,