Under the Startup: Four Products Glossier is working on Next

With the help of women like Emily Weiss - Glossier's founder and our bucket list best friend - Gen-Z has been blessed with an open door to the future of beauty. No longer forced to choose between stage makeup, coconut oil or nothing, the development of Glossier has enabled us to begin asking questions and making demands - demands that, Weiss says, are heard.

Like it or not, Glossier - a brand which has certainly received scrutiny - works hard. It simplifies. They make it look easy when beauty is not - six multinational brands account for 80% of American make-up sales, while eight brands control 70% of the skin-care market. In short, start-up beauty brands rarely become more than niche.

As part of their long-overdue announcement for international shipping, Weiss went to London for a pop-up, meet + greet and panel discussion with Glamour UK's Beauty Director, Alessandra Steinherr. Here, she revealed that “we’re actually working on a Glossier fragrance that will be coming out soon.” Hinted to be named either Glossier YOU or Glossier PLAY (we heavily favour PLAY as recently launched Axe YOU may prove confusing), we're curious to know what the Glossier Girl smells like. Hint: The Soho Gloffice is dutifully stocked with the scent of Byredo's Rose.  

Next up, talks of a micellar water, which had been in development for some time. “Before Milky Jelly Cleanser, we were trying to make a cleansing water and we couldn’t make anything that was better than Bioderma," Weiss said. "We were just like, why would we even try, like that’s the gold standard. So, we didn’t make it. We did a bunch of submissions but we didn’t do it.” Instead, we were met with Milky Jelly - a contact lens-solution inspired gel with the texture of pudding and look of rose-frosted glass. 

We are literally going all over the world trying to figure out what’s out there and figure out something that meets her needs.
— Emily Weiss

In the midst of Fat Mascara's podcast interview with Weiss, attention was drawn to an impressive silvery-grey blue eyeshadow patted across her lids. Her response? "It’s a sample. Yeah, I’m super into it.” (note: the name "lid star" has been trademarked by the brand under the umbrella of eyeshadows, so keep and eye out!)

Also on the eyes, the topic of mascara arose (a product which, frankly, is pretty hard for brands to reinvent). Weiss agrees with the difficulty in creating something revolutionary for our lashes, saying “we’ve been working on a mascara since we launched and we just keep canning them. We’ve had so many submissions that could be okay and probably people would like them but we just weren’t proud of them. We were supposed to launch it last year. We are literally going all over the world trying to figure out what’s out there and figure out something that meets her needs.”

If one thing has been made clear it's that Glossier doesn't give up, and luckily, neither do its consumers. 

PRO TIP: Glossier is coming to Toronto! Come see us on Monday Morning, or make it out yourself September 8 - 14th. 

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