Watch and Learn: A chill approach to Lymphatic Drainage

It's so easy, you can start right now.

How often have you risen from slumber, glanced in the mirror and just felt ..."off?" I mean, sure, your face is there in all its rosy glory, staring back at you as usual, and yet, nothing seems to click. You feel puffy after a long night of thinking, dreaming, drinking, dancing...and are in need of a reset - preferably one that doesn't cost you (I'm writing this on a Sunday, so you can bet I'm in that boat). 

This is where the facial massage comes in. 

The commercial concept of "massage" was developed from traditional Chinese medicine by a Swedish physical educator named Per Henrik Ling [1776-1838]. From this, we adopted the widely-used techniques of effleurage (stroking), petrissage (lifting and kneading), friction (pressure), tapotement (tapping) and vibration (vibrating). It is said that classical signs of aging in the skin manifest due to four main causes - sluggish circulation, loss of skin elasticity, loss of subcutaneous fat, and a disturbance in muscle tonus (a condition resulting from repeated use of the muscles). Massage, obviously, helps reduce or prolong the effects of each. 

When it comes to Lymphatic Drainage, we are taking one benefit of facial massage and focusing on it more acutely - in understanding this part of our body, we help in our skin's natural process of eliminating waste. Manual lymph drainage is defined by MedlinePlus (United States National Library of Medicine) as “a light massage therapy technique that involves moving the skin in particular directions based on the structure of the lymphatic system. This helps encourage drainage of the fluid and waste through the appropriate channels.” Those with high-impact or high-stress lifestyles (BASICALLY ALL OF US) may find or experience a buildup of swelling or inflammation in the skin over their lifetime, and a practice of lymphatic drainage (along with calming, cortisol-reducing activities) may help in healing from these conditions. 

Above, we're sharing the way our friend Shelby practises this variant of facial massage. Shelby is another passionate beauty founder living in Toronto, and it is both her passion for skin and knowledge that make us love her so.

 Feel free to follow along, ask questions below, or send us an email. Stay Su!