"You need to type that sh*t Out"

Phew, another Monday done. All of us at Su hope it was a growth-filled one. 

To start off the week with a smile, we're presenting the next episode of the Su La Po Podcast: Interviewing Florés Boticario founder Ale Oré. Ale brings so much warmth, emotion and history to her craft, and when combined with a thorough knowledge of oils, compounds and ingredients...well, it creates one of the best brands we've ever tried. 

c/o  Gabriela Rippes for Florés Boticario

c/o Gabriela Rippes for Florés Boticario

We're hoping you play this episode and cook a loving meal, wake yourself up with it, or let it simmer in your mind while driving somewhere lovely (or at least to work ;) ). Should you fall in love with Florés products as much as we have, type in "DISCOVERY" at checkout and receive 15% off. 

with love,