Founder Feature: Niu Body Profiles Madison Schill

Madison at Su HQ

Madison at Su HQ


Over the past five years, what was once a landscape of foreign skincare brands has slowly, slowly been remodelled - the new, the chic and the innovative can now be found North of the Border, and often helmed by women who are the age of the demographic they're advocating for. 

Brands like Niu Body, of course, founded by a Business Grad and a Chemical Engineer, both in their mid-twenties. If the name sounds familiar, it's because you've seen them on Instagram; Connie is a social media whiz, and knows just how to blend user-generated content, glowing reviews and soothing pastel colours into something plainly irresistible. Further, the product is actually great; Niu Body has tapped into a market of exhausted, product-saturated millennials who have *so* much access to complicated beauty products that going back to basics is the only thing that makes sense anymore. Rooted in a small initial launch of skin type-focused makeup wipes (made with three ingredients, natch), it's been a pleasure to watch them grow over such a short timeline. 

Several weeks ago, we had the pleasure of speaking to Connie and Laura directly on our podcast here. Today, however, we're thrilled to say that our founder Madison has been featured as one of their #BossBabes making waves - enjoy her interview (skillfully transcribed and photographed by Yuri Hirama) by clicking below.