Four bits of News that will make your Soul Smile

We don't need to tell you what the news looks like at the moment - it's pretty much a constantly-felt panic attack these days, yeah? 

And, as loyal friends of the Su Squad, we know that each of you are already talking to us, working with us, sharing with us and doing all you can to make your little piece of the world less hateful, less scary. Thank you. 

So this weekly collection of good things is a celebration of what we're doing right in the world - it might not be picturesque, and it definitely isn't #goals, but it's honest and true and that, to us, will always be beautiful. Here's what moved us this week. 

1. Canadian Founder Mary Young got Real about Anxiety and Depression. 

"My first experience with anxiety was when I was twelve years old - too young to really understand what anxiety was. I was paralyzed in anxiety for almost two weeks, unable to sleep, eat or function like the normal me. I remember my mom struggling with what to do, what to say and really, to understand what was happening. Then one day I woke up and I was no longer under the weight of anxiety. Just like it came, it left without a whisper. Years passed until I felt that weight again."

Mary - one million thank you's to you. For opening up this conversation, for creating a brand that celebrates intimacy in both product and how we feel about our bodies. We look up to you so dearly. Read her words here

2. Loliware has designed the coolest Edible Straws.

Actually buzzing over this one. Loliware, a revolutionary start-up about to be very well known for the creation of their (deep breath for this one, get ready) 100% plastic-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free, BPA-free, non-GMO, all natural, non-toxic, safe, and FDA approved LOLIWARE cups, has now designed edible STRAWS, both made from a biodegr(edible) material that's so natural, you can actually eat it. According to their website, the LOLIWARE collection is available in Yuzu Citrus, Tart Cherry, Matcha Green Tea, Vanilla Bean, and an unflavoured “natural clear”. How fucking brilliant?! Cups are currently sold out (but will be back in the fall), and you're unsure on the efficacy of the straws, we'll be testing them out soon.

Explore (and buy some STAT!) here. 

3. There's about to be a new Beauty Hotspot in the Six...

The Brainchild of hair and makeup stylist Olivia Colacci, TwentySeven is poised to be a dose of eco-friendly sunshine in the often-freezing Toronto scene. Yet to open, Olivia will be bringing clients a world of expertise, having played a part in the execution of iconic runway looks for brands like Chanel, Prada, Luis Vuitton and Gucci, time and time again over the years. Olivia is - we can attest - one of the sweetest souls there is, making your experience one that will feel nothing short of warm and inspirational. Bonus? Olivia passionately believes in making beauty as sustainable as possible, and will be working with Green Circle Salon's recycling program. Follow TwentySeven here. 

4. The Internet is Really Happy with ASOS right now. 

A few weeks ago, shoppers on ASOS noticed a model looking - well, like them - and it made the internet a whole lot happier. One user wrote "Every time I see a roll on a model it’s like YAS QUEEN YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE AND I WORSHIP YOU which is a fairly normal response I feel." 

Yeah, it is tbh. And not because smaller bodies are the enemy - smaller bodies have every right to take up space, to be praised, to feel loved and included and accepted as they are. To wear what they want, too! It is clear, however, that smaller bodies are the overwhelming majority seen in magazines, advertisements and media publications, and that doesn't accurately reflect the way our society looks. So sometimes, it's just nice to make everyone feel beautiful. Because every body truly is. 

xo, Su