"Here we are, with Answers to neither of these Questions"

Hi, Friends! Happy Met Gala day. 

This week's podcast is a very special one, specifically because we're starting to finally sound like a podcast (introductions! editing!) and because we had the pleasure of speaking with one of the most talented photographers in our country, Ted Belton.

Belton, who has been a personal friend and collaborator since our inception, has spent time working with some of the most iconic Canadian personalities of this century. His flare for getting to the deeper root his subjects has made him known for a signature style of picture: one that, without explaining, you could pick out amongst thousands. 

Notoriously enthusiastic and simultaneously mysterious about what makes him tick, it was a pleasure to sit down with Ted for a two-part exclusive interview.

For more of Ted's work, click here

Special thanks to Canadian band Hillsburn for adorning this episode with their gorgeous song, "low light." Listen to them here