Here's How to Save Money on Glossier this Week


If you’re like all of us and panicked throughout the entire drawn-out email hailstorm that was black Friday/cyber Monday/giving Tuesday/shop-your-paycheck-away Saturday, your redeeming holiday moment may have just arrived.

Glossier, the brand which supplies content to approximately half of our website (lol), has just revamped their dollar-saving makeup kits to include shit that we actually, you know, buy together. Things that perform various functions all over your face, so you’re not only concealing, priming, moisturizing, but highlighting, enhancing, streamlining in all the ways you need to this time of year.

Our favourite situation? The Makeup Set, which includes boy brow (the reliable, buildable cousin of beard wax that just makes you feel like you have your shit together), Cloud Paint (our policy lead’s favourite Glossier product) and Lash Slick, which after a lot of debate internally, has become our favourite mascara full-stop, and which I (the most sceptical consumer of all time), have just purchased three. Tubes. Of. Never in my life have I been this person. But hey, it’s 2018.

The added bonus? Buy all three products at once, save $10 USD. Or the currency equivalent to that number, which in more.

You’re welcome.

(ps - if you’re buying with Glossier for the first time, this link will give you an additional 10% off your purchase. Don’t say we never did anything for you.)

madison schillComment