It's #GivingTuesday: Here's where you can Donate

Giving Tuesday is, in our POV, a juice cleanse for the wallet, the conscience, the soul. Perfectly sandwiched after the chaos and FOMO that is Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving excess, we really want each of you to understand the other way we can spend hard earned money, that has broader impact to the initial dopamine hit which comes from purchasing something new.


With this is mind, our policy lead Allison has put together a list of organizations we think could profoundly benefit from donations of any kind - even one dollar can and WILL make a difference here. And think how good it will make you feel!

Toronto Rape Crisis Centre / Multicultural Women Against Rape

TRCC/MWAR is a grassroots, women and non-binary run collective working towards a violence-free world by providing anti-oppressive, feminist peer support to survivors of sexual violence through support, education and activism.

The Barbra Schlifer Clinic

The Barbra Schlifer Clinic offers legal representation, professional counselling and multilingual interpretation to women who have experienced violence. Our diverse, skilled and compassionate staff accompany women through personal and practical transformation, helping them to build lives free from violence. This clinic is a centre by, for and about women. We amplify women’s voices and cultivate their skills and resilience. Together with our donors and volunteers, we are active in changing the conditions that threaten women’s safety, dignity and equality. Check out their vision here:

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

Action Canada works within Canada and globally to promote health, wellbeing, and rights related to sexuality and reproduction. Building on the strong histories of our three predecessor organizations, we cover a broad spectrum that includes directly providing support, referrals, and information; working with other groups and organizations on a range of campaigns using a collaborative, movement-building approach; and policy advocacy related to sexual and reproductive rights (including abortion), gender, LGBTQ rights, comprehensive sexuality education, and more.


NEDIC focuses on awareness and the prevention of eating disorders, food and weight preoccupation, and disordered eating by promoting critical thinking skills and a healthy, balanced-lifestyle through various critical initiatives.

Sheena’s Place

Sheena’s Place offers support to individuals, families and friends affected by eating disorders by providing a wide range of professionally facilitated support groups. We are committed to inspiring hope, reducing stigma, raising awareness and offering meaningful help and information at all stages of recovery.A portion of every sale at Parkdale boutique Shopgirls will also go towards Sheena’s Place, effective until December 24th.

Model Alliance

Model Alliance promotes fair treatment, equal opportunity, and sustainable practices in the fashion and modeling industries, from the runway to the factory floor. By assisting models and other stakeholders in understanding the laws applicable to them, and by encouraging them to have a voice in their work, Model Alliance identifies common areas of concern in the fashion industry, conducts strategic research with leading research institutions, and educates the industry and the public about our core issues.

Movember Foundation

Movember, which once started out as a fun November initiative with a socially-consious kick, has now become the leading charity changing the face of men’s health. They work to address some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. They continuously challenge the status quo, and invest quickly in what works. In 15 years we’ve funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects around the world. By 2030 the organization hopes to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%.

Most of your friends have a page, but if not, consider donating to our Allie’s, here:

Thank You! If you have any other suggestions, please suggest them in the comments below.

Our love,

Allison SpiegelComment