Mask On: Four Clarifying Masks to Spring Clean your Face

When it comes to achieving that sought after, baby-soft skin feeling, the trick lies in finding a product that is both soothing and serious. We want something that pulls the gunk out, for instance, but also gives your face a hug afterwards; the ideal good-cop-bad-cop beauty scenario. On our mission to share this top four selection, we tested dozens of masks on various skin types and skin tones; a prelude to our #SuStandard vertical, coming soon. 


tata-harper-resurfacing-mask-2 copy.jpg

Belif Peat Revitalizing Mask:

One of the few creamy clay masks out there, this offering stays moisturizing while it refines and clarifies the skin. The product itself contains original peat which is the result of dead, decomposed plant residue that has been fermented for thousands of years. Though icky at first, peat contains a fantastic amount of minerals and antioxidants and as such, is an asset in the aging process. Want even more proof? Check out bog bodies. You’re welcome. 

Philosophy Exfoliating Clay Mask:

This is a winner - it’s whipped, fluffy, and easy to use with one hand holding a coffee, curating a playlist, or cramming for a last-min test. We love how multi-purpose it is; many of our testers have been loving the clay mask as a spot treatment, to buff away winter skin, or as an all-over treatment for relaxation. This mask also contains diatomaceous earth; a natural facial exfoliant composed primarily of silica.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask:

This mask is award-winning for a reason - it’s one of our indulgent, organic go-tos. 100 percent of ingredients in Tata Harper’s products are from natural origin; 83% are the product of organic farming. Containing two kinds of BHA - like willowbark and meadowsweet, non-chemical sources of salicylic acid - this exfoliating mask is gentle enough for sensitive faces and thorough enough for a guaranteed glow.

Our DIY Fix - Jojoba Oil & Green Clay:

Thanks to our head of strategy Emily, all of us at Su have been benefitting from this cheap, cheerful and cleverly effective mask. First, find your way to some high-quality Jojoba oil, organic if possible. We love it due to it's molecular similarity to the sebum our skin produces. In a small mixing bowl, blend a few spoonfuls of green clay (you can find some at your local health food store) with several drops of oil; enough to blend the two into a consistency similar to pancake batter. Apply to the face, relax for 20 mins. Remove with a warm towel and enjoy the smoothest of baby soft skin.

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