Su La Po Podcast: You're Beautiful, Pass it On!

Happy Sunday, Dear friends.

Today, I’m delighted to bring back the Su La Po Podcast for a very special episode: one that unites activist Kenzie Brenna, Outreach Coordinator Kaitlyn Axelrod and Founder, Business Owner + Fashion Fanatic Michelle Germain in one room to talk about bodies, love and holiday shopping.


For Su’s very first irl event, Michelle and I decided to team up and host a panel discussion / brunch get-together to kick off an idea that had come to her ahead of Black Friday 2018. Founder of Shopgirls Gallery Boutique, a Parkdale fashion haven that hosts only Canadian designers, Michelle began to feel that the deep discounts offered this time of year only served to instil panic in shoppers, while simultaneously devaluing the small businesses she supports. In an effort to combat this, Michelle instead decided to, this year, take a portion of each item sold and donate it to Sheena’s Place - a non-profit centre for education, empowerment and recovery for anyone suffering with body image or eating disorders. This will continue until December 24th.

It has been a tremendous pleasure to meet, work with and have the opportunity to sit down with these women. It was an even greater pleasure to host our very first event. And remember; If ever you need a dose of good vibes, a laugh, or just a small sign that you aren’t alone, we’ll always be here for you. Stay Su, okay?

Our best,

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