The SLP Podcast: In conversation with Niu Body

Happy Sunday, beautiful friends! 

Today marked the celebration of weeks of hard work here at Su - in collaboration with Nike and Fashion Designer Hayley Elsaesser, we participated in the Toronto women's Run Series. 

Though a little exhausted, it was incredibly moving to see so many women coming together to celebrate the beautiful things our bodies can do. Regardless of what we look like, how we got here and why we came to run at all, the unity and rush that comes from putting the voice in your head aside and believing that anything is possible...well, nothing beats it. 

That's where today's Pod comes in - speaking to millennial founders Connie and Laura, the two launched Niu Body in March of 2017. The beauty brand launched with a focused on simple, targeted skincare; addressing a range of skin types, what then followed was an aggressive consideration of consumer feedback into the product development process. Connie has a background in business, and Laura in chemical engineering; what they have to say will make you a bonafide fan. 

niu slp.jpg