Vacation Girl Bronzer: Explained

This title will make a lot of sense in a moment. You’ve heard it before: breathlessly, as a perfectly undone French woman explains her makeup routine. It’s generally construed as a very minimal, very luxe process, hypnotizing as a sequence of one, two, three. “I like to use this bronzer all over my cheeks and temples,” she’ll say, “but avoiding a little bit of the under eyes. You know, like I wore my sunglasses on vacation.” Now, on paper this may conjure visuals of Donald Trump or perhaps a racoon in your mind; both of which reside at the lowest depths of the “goals” spectrum. Fret not. 

Daphne Hezard, an endlessly authentic French mother, editor (of Monocle, Jalouse and L'Officiel, previously) and visionary...does it. Caroline de Maigret does Vacation Girl Bronzer (VGB?). And heck, praying I hold even a quarter-inch of respect in your eyes...I do it, too. Nearly everyone I've spoken to doesn't use foundation beforehand - it mutes the natural skin - and, at most, will indulge in a few swipes of concealer to settle the complexion. 


It’s quite simple, really. And you don’t need to use Guerlain - though everyone I talk to swears by ce marque - to achieve a successful application story. Using a big, fluffy brush, apply a dusting of bronzer in your choice (not too shimmery, not too dark) in a modified squiggly line; first at the temples, then just above the cheekbone and finally, a swipe over le nez (the nose). Be sure to blend sufficiently. The overall effect should never look contrived, but like, as every french woman has told me, “you’ve just returned from vacation.” 

Gros Bisous! Happy Vacances