We Made a Podcast

I'll keep this short and sweet: Secret's Out!

As of this Wednesday, Su will be officially branching out to Pod form. It's been a pleasure to sit down with the eloquent, spunky, still-figuring-it-out humans we've interviewed so far, and each interaction has inspired me to put pen to paper, creating more pillars under our brand and more topics to explore. 

The nucleus of the podcast is just as focused as the website; to create a space where yes, it's okay to be vulnerable, to be candid, to be scared. It's also ok to be 100% on your game and want to share this with people. For me, I created Su to go under the skin, to cut the bullshit, to do the work, to be the platform that talks about beauty in a useful way. What better way to get there than talk, from the top of our heads, with each other? To remove the physical barrier and just get into the gunk?

With the exception of our first episode this coming Wednesday, the Su La Po podcast will have episodes twice a month, on Sundays. You can expect tons of bonus bits from me (of course!), but I thought that as we face the scary unknowns of a new week ahead...something comfy and cozy and kind could be an asset for us. 

That's all there is to say at the moment - I'm just really excited about this, and you, and us. 

We've made keeping track of the latest episodes super handy - just click on the "podcast" tab in the menu above. Be sure to find us on iTunes and subscribe...that way you'll get each episode straight away.

Madison Schill