When a Hair Salon Reminds you who you Are

Our founder, Madison, on haircuts, who we are, and that impossibly delicious feeling when both of these merge. 

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For the past five weeks, anyone who knows me has been assaulted with some very determined, very singular pleas. "Should I get my hair cut?" I've asked, to anyone I've known for more than the time it takes to make a coffee. I've texted this question to friends across the globe that don't even know what I look like anymore (my best friend Hannah, who has been saying I must lob off my hair for the past five years). I've asked new clients, and also very important, very senior people who have much better things to do with their time. But asked, I have, and we've all come to the conclusion that change is better than complacency. I am sick of looking the same, and the gap between how I feel and how I've presented myself for the past five years has slowly, considerably widened. We could talk about why and how and all of that nuance later, because I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in these feelings. 

Anyways, to get my hair cut, I went. 

I arrived at TwentySeven Studio on Friday afternoon 12 minutes late, carrying a journal, four Tupperware containers that used to contain paella and a regulation-sized black soccer ball, in bags dangling from each of the fingers on my right hand. On my left, I had my case-less black iPhone, a laptop in a shopping bag and my massive bottomless purse; an archival museum from the past seven years of my existence. Needless to say, the first words to leave anyone’s mouth would have been coupled with laughter - I was the living definition of “TGIF.” 

My destination was TwentySeven, a studio and space for un-pretentious beauty in an up-and-coming sect of St.Clair West neighbourhood. Founded by Stylist Olivia Colacci just last month, it’s a brilliant mix of Tumblr porn (no, not the real kind) and Miami whimsy - with freshly updated vintage pieces, lush plants and products from the chicest arrondissements of Paris, all in one. Olivia has been part of my life for as long as I’ve been in fashion; as a fresh-faced and even further doe-eyed 15 year-old, she’s been a fixture, and one who is legitimately, consummately good at her job. So good, even, that she’s been tapped to work for clients like Chanel, Gucci and Prada...many times over. 

What’s at the crux of this studio is the simple desire to create good things, for good people, in a fucking good space.

But finally, at TwentySeven, client lists aren’t the point. What’s at the crux of this studio (and Colacci’s aim in creating it) is the simple desire to create good things, for good people, in a fucking good space. And if you want to take the good vibes home, you can; they sell Sage, candles and carefully-chosen jade facial rollers in addition to food-grade haircare line Davines, which I am late to the game in obsessing over. 

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My personal promise? That you’ll like how you look when you leave. Both Helen Kenny, Olivia’s associate, and Liv herself are absolute angels in cool-girl's clothing, and even if you get a barely noticeable dusting at this studio, you’ll leave feeling better about yourself. That’s just a fact. 

I left, however, with a look that might as well be dubbed “the Madison.” And not because I'm special, but because, while talking to a friend of mine this morning, she pointedly asked “how did you even exist before this haircut?”

It suits me better than most of the things I've spent my entire life wearing. Which is crazy, but also proof that sometimes, good stylists can get to the core of your essence easier than you can.

I sat down on Friday exhausted, a little delirious and a lot confused. I’d told Olivia I’d wanted to lob all of my hair off, and in response Olivia asked if she could just do what my hair was asking for naturally and cut in a few bangs. I said sure, just as long as I didn’t look like myself anymore, and boom - I came out of that salon looking more like myself than I ever had in my life. It was like finding out my soulmate was under my nose all along, or like jumping into your coziest pair of jeans to find out that the material had simply become your skin. And, as someone who loathes looking into mirrors at hair salons for long periods of time, and whose first word for the past five years had always been “sorry,” I didn’t expect this to be possible. 

So, bottom line - TwentySeven is a true gem. Go and support your local girl gang next time you need a trim, or a full-on pivot. You have our word. 

Su (and Madison)