Six Serums to always keep On-Hand


Unless you’re Anderson Cooper, I’ll assume that you treat your diet as you treat your wardrobe: We tend to, with a healthy exception, live according to intuition. It’s something I’ve loved embracing over the past years, too: Dressing according to my mood, eating according to the needs or pulls of my body. Feels kinda cool. 

Skincare, too, can be approached in a similar fashion. Tight, dry skin? Hydrate and soothe. Feeling congested? Time for a clay mask. Dull? Chemical exfoliation. As is the case in fashion, skincare solutions are never one-size-fits all, as much as Brandy Melville would like us to believe. 

Below, a few multi-purpose serums that will quash any hunger your skin may face you with, along with a few handy tips on when to use them. Dig in. 


For when your skin needs water, stat. 

Good For: Hydration. The science says it all.

RMS Beauty Oil 

Part irresistible glow, part unbelievable scent therapy. The best $$ we ever spent. 

Good For: A stunning, hydrating, deeply healing treat for the skin. Though we love to layer our products, this is almost all you need.

Flores Boticario Luna de Miel

For when foundation is just. not. happening. 

Good For: Instant glow, from locally-made artisans.

Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum 

Melasma? Hyperpigmentation? This is the one. 

Good For: A little glow, a lot of healing.

CosRX Snail Mucin Essence 

No snails were harmed: We checked. 

Good For: Though technically not a serum, this potent and long-lasting bottle of healing sludge is the perfect antidote to long days in the sun.

Caudalie Vinopure Serum 

A nice “whooshing” effect on your pores, reports one tester. 

Good For: Over-active sebaceous glands, acne-prone skin and anyone seeking a little “lift” before moisturizer or makeup application.

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