Some of the best things about being alive right now 


There is nothing more momentous a task after watching a few minutes of CNN than to think, with a buoyant kind of jubilation, about the merits of this world we live in. We lobby to save our planet and scream, day after day, in fervent defence of our own rights; this is, after all, a world where the majority of the female population listens to true crime podcasts for a brief moment of levity before falling asleep. 

At Su, we get it. We’re the same. We’re whoa. But we also love this life, we love existing, and we’re glad as all heck to be on the planet, one day at a time, pushing for more joy and making the choice to be the best, most radiant, more active members of society one can truly be.

Which is why, before you head into work today, we wanted to round up a list of the best things about being alive.

Because, after all, you are. 

The smell of the earth after a summer rain storm 

Taking the first bite of your favourite meal

Dance parties

Sitting down for the first time after a long day

Your first sip of coffee

Finally taking off your bra

Driving on country roads with all your windows open

Laughing with your favourite people until you start to cry

The excitement you feel before meeting someone you really like

That feeling of accomplishment after a long run 

Your first sip of cool water 

Ice cream 

Summer patios 

Getting an unexpected hug that you didn’t know you needed 

Finally feeling comfortable in your skin 

Running barefoot on grass 

Smelling BBQ that’s almost ready to be served

Opening your eyes in the morning and realizing that it’s Saturday

Fresh sheets 

The sound of nature, and nothing else

Walking on a beach as the sun sets

Snail mail

Looking in someone’s eyes and knowing that they “get it”

Ice cream walks (did we mention ice cream?)

Walking home from the theatre after a movie changes your life

Finishing a book you never wanted to end 


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