Hold up, Hormonal Skin: Why Oil-based Cleansers are actually your Best Friend

We know, we know. Staring at an oil-slick of skin, the idea of placing more oil on top just seems…terrible. Like putting dirt on dirt, right?

Wrong, obviously. (When we learned of this, we threw up our hands in dermatological defeat. Logic clearly has no place when it comes to our faces.)

If you have been following Madison on Instagram, Snapchat or stalking her in person (not going to ask), you’ll know that she’s cozied up rather ferociously to the idea of Korean skincare. Our friends at Soko Glam (a North American mecca for all things K-beauty) have nourished this obsession with knowledge and product innovations — innovations that are piling up just as fast as the remarkable results. The most pressing news is the notion of double cleansing, a ritual that begins with — you guessed it — oil.

When you first try an oil cleanser, particularly the uniquely-textured solid variety, you’ll scoop up a small amount and rub it over a dry face, even over makeup. The slippery texture immediately reveals itself, mingling with the dirt and grime on your face before kindly escorting it elsewhere. Massage the ingredients into cheeks, jawline and forehead, splash some lukewarm water and notice how the oil emulsifies into a milky white hue. Rinse off well, tap your face with a towel and prepare to be amazed — our skin was softer, brighter and felt undeniably cleaner.

The cool thing about an oil cleanser is in the modern add-ons — they’re equipped with next-level technologies to keep skin clean, clear and healthy. Coconut oil is a super-green option, though it might not be the best for acne prone skin. Madison’s favourite is Tony Moly’s Aquaporin sherbert cleanser, which comes in a solid form and eliminates any late night messes — the stuff, thankfully, won’t trickle down your arm mid-rinse. As most early-phase K beauty products aren't known for their natural, organic properties, we've compiled a list of those, too: 

Niu Body Coconut Oil Wipes, $15

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Organic Cleansing Oil, $32

Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil, $38

Aromatica Orange Cleansing Sherbert, $35

Kopari Coconut Cleansing Oil, $32

You should wash your face with an oil cleanser twice a day — once in the morning, and once at night. The evening ritual helps rid the skin of debris and makeup, while your morning cleanse helps remove excess sebum and nighttime products. It's recommended you follow with a secondary cleanser - preferably foam, restoring the skin to its ideal PH level. This may seem rather tedious, but if not only a worthy investment, consider it as a fun treat — put on some music, light a candle or two and make yourself a priority. It feels great to show skin love. 

Next up on the Korean skincare bandwagon? The double cleanse. Find out what pairs best with an oil cleanser next week. 

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