SLP Podcast: Madison takes you through her entire Skincare Routine

The pod is back, friends from faraway places. This time, we creepily voice-recorded Madison as she got ready for her day. The transcript is below, if podcasts aren't quite your thang. Raw and rad ready to rumble!! 
xo, Su. 

I'm getting ready to go to class and I thought I would take you through my routine in an auditory way. I'm currently in my bathroom, brushing my hair out with a wet brush - if you haven't heard about those, you should really invest in them - they do a great job in getting the tangles out of my long hair. What I do is brush all of my hair to the front, with the centre part that's only off a little bit, and tuck all the hair behind my ears and let it dry that way. I put in some product sometimes; usually it's a bit of Marula oil - I like their version made by the Ordinarys vs something like Drunk Elephant, because it's only $9.80 vs their $80 and I can't tell the difference. 

Since I'm fresh out of the shower and my pores are really opened, I'll take a moment to use my milky jelly cleanser and massage it in like a moisturizer. I like how it feels when you take things slow - skincare to me is really important and I've made the decision to not get facials anymore, and instead invest that money in products and taking care of myself on a daily basis. I'm not able to afford getting a facial every month - I'm trying to take things into my own hands and be really informed about what I need to do for my skin and how my body feels. 

After cleansing, if I feel like my skin isn't clean enough, I'll use some micellar water on a cotton pad, but today it's fine. So what I'm doing next is getting out my biologique recherche lotion p50 - I'm taking two dollops of that on a cotton pad and pressing it into my face. I love this brand - if you buy anything from them I recommend this product. it doesn't replace anything in my routine but instead acts as a toning or preparatory step for any serums or lotions you apply afterwards. It also really improved the texture of my skin. Next I'm using the retinol brightening solution by dr dennis gross - I wear sunscreen every single day so I haven't noticed any issues doing this during the day, but generally I use this only at night. Then I'll use the milk makeup cooling water on my eyes in an upward motion or anywhere that needs extra hydration - great packaging so it's super easy to apply. 

I’m not able to afford getting a facial every month - I’m trying to take things into my own hands and be really informed about what I need to do for my skin and how my body feels.

Next I'll use this lotion by lavera naturkosmetik - it's not quite a serum and not quite a moisturizer, so it's great for right now as I'm all out of my serums. It has mint, zinc and salycilic acid in a way that is not super reactive for my skin - as I've grown and started taking better care of my body my skin has become a lot less reactive so I've been able to start using different kinds of products and see what feels best. As a topper to my serums, I use the ordinary's magnesium ascorbyl phosphate as a seal before moisturizer to act as an extra layer of protection. 

My moisturizer today...I think I'm going to use the glossier PMR. I alternate between a derma e moisturizer, the original glossier priming moisturizer and the Florés pret-à-repair cream which I usually only use at night because it's super rich and soothing. I use the glossier PMR because I know it doesn't pill over all of my serums. I usually use an eye cream but not today. When I use it. I'll put a dab on my ring finger and make the two ring fingers kiss...and then apply the product right along my lower eye bone; the bone in between the eye and the cheekbone. 

One moisturizer that's amazing if you have a two-product day and need to run out asap...try the Tata Harper illuminating moisturizer with diamond radiance. It literally feels like foundation and gives you a glow from the inside it has arnica which I've been obsessed with since I was a little girl dancing. 


What I'll usually do is blend Hylamide's HA blur prismatic surface hydrator, some SPF, and a little bit of the Glossier skin tint in medium. What this does it gives me a good balance of colour, protection and a mattifying effect, just enough to manage the "dew" of my running around being late for class. Ill do some boy brow....I'll put a bit of blush everywhere all over my face, on my cheekbones, a bit over my nose, forehead...sort of like I just got back from vacation and wore my sunglasses a lot. I'll use mascara which is covergirl's clump crusher and I love that, It's only 6 dollars. On my lips I use Glossier's Gen G in Leo - but I'm hoping they improve the packaging because the product breaks in the barrel quite often. For scent I almost always use Tom Ford's Tabacco Vanille on my wrists and decolletage. 

That's all, thanks guys!!

Image c/o Spiro Mandylor

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