I had tea with my Grandmother & she taught me about Love

You know the expression, "I got it from my Momma?"

Classic prose, we know. You can thank Will.i.Am for that one, and for also providing years of pseudo-witty copy for many a beauty writer during the weeks leading up to mother's day. Luckily enough, we talked to Madison's grandmother for this piece. To flip the tables further, Mads also gave advice to her.

Millenials making waves.

Madison is currently lodged up at her parent's house this week, having gotten all four wisdom teeth removed and rendering her totally cool with writing this in an obvious third person (hello, it's me). It's as if her Tylenol 3 has taken over entirely, plucking the keyboard from her woozy little hands (in reality, it probably did. Depending on how this article goes, it definitely did.) Anyways, fun! This is a fun time for Madison Schill.

While flipping through several magazines, drinking various blended beverages and taping cold products to her ever-expanding face, Madison was treated to a visit by her Nonie. At the time she'd just woken up and taken another pain pill, so she was supremely, perhaps deliriously delighted by the surprise (Dad note: Upon waking at the hospital, Madison tried to thank everyone for "being in her life." She's weird that way.) Nonie brought over some chicken broth and green tea, so as the two ladies sipped – Nonie looking chic and Madison, perched on a couch with a t-shirt and an ice pack tied around her face – the discussion inevitably went to beauty, relationships and the power we have over them.


Madison: I'm so excited for the summer!

Nonie: Yes, tell me, What ARE you doing?

*Madison pulls out her makeup bag and laptop* : There have been a few beauty brands I've been trying to learn from, so with Mind Over Model I really want to give readers a sense of them being truly educated - Adds and I want us to grow from the ground up, we want to work on everything this summer.

Nonie: I've never known what to use for my skin - Foundation always seems like so much, so cake-y.

Madison: That's the thing! Especially being in school, I feel like foundation makes me feel so foreign, I'm so AWARE whenever I use it. I now have this desire to approach makeup as a second part to skincare - I've become so passionate about healthy skin that I feel like makeup should only enhance it. I don't like the idea of corrective makeup, because what are we trying to correct, and more importantly, what kind of a message does that send? I like the idea of accentuating with makeup. A little bit of highlight, maybe mascara. And that comes with good skin, great health, a genuine love of who you are.

Nonie: So what are you using, daily?

Madison: I'm trying to look at rich serums, moisturizers that absorb quickly, a sunscreen with cashmere-like smoothness, and products that I can layer, that I can mix. It's all about prevention with great products, using things that aren't too hyped-up, but that are real, that work. Also I mean, I know you hate avocado, but I swear since I've started eating more of it my skin has needed less work.

Nonie: I still have that chickpea salad recipe you sent me! I have to revisit the avocado idea. I've felt the same way - I recently started feeling this way about minor medications, for bone health and little things we have to consider. I'd rather try to live like my parents did - Eating well, healing from the inside first, and then, sure, if I need something I'll revisit the idea. But it just occurred to me how crazy medicine can be. It can really impact our bodies. It can change us. It's a serious thing.

Madison: Totally! Like when I feel myself getting sick, instead of going to the pharmacy right away I'll take a few drops of oregano oil, slap it on the back of my hand, lick it off and swallow. It's crazy gross but SO effective. And it almost always works. Just better than immediately going to the serious stuff - I'd rather make myself stronger than assuming I need help.

Nonie: Yes! It's so important to build a foundation for yourself. Like in relationships, too. How are they going, by the way?

Madison: Pretty great. I'm learning about this idea of friendship, maybe I'm a little late, but it's incredible. Each friendship in my life needs unique attention, a unique approach. I'm giving a different part of myself to each relationship and yet remarkably, I still feel like I'm whole, like I'm actually present in each of these scenarios. A lot of my friends are beginning to settle in long-term relationships, too, and so when I watch them I learn so much. It's beautiful.

Nonie: Well yeah. What's your opinion on it all, on relationships?

Madison: I think it's an intuition that is then built upon, and I'm learning to see the value in being somebody's best friend first.

Nonie: There's something beautiful in having a platonic friendship that has the ability to grow into something more. I also feel like you're a bit more sceptical of it all, too – You're less romantic than your other friends are, in the beginning. But I have confidence that when you know, you'll know. Your parents gave you a good litmus test for that. We've never worried about you that way.

Madison: Yes! When they argue, I love it. They say everything they need to say but they do it so constructively. It's been such a blessing having learned from them, just getting to see how they treat each other, how they compromise and appeal to each other's needs. Have you tried this lip balm, by the way?

Nonie: *Samples Glossier's balm dot com on her wrist* This is lovely. You should use some today - The antibiotics make your lips look so dry.

Madison: It's the only stuff I use when my lips look like little snake skins. And it lasts forever - I've gotten Addie addicted. After spending the weekend infiltrating my bathroom she sent me a text like "Omg. I need Glossier. My lips are dying." Same with this BB cream - have you tried BB before?

Needless to say, Nonie hadn't. Here's a full list of the products we sampled, which Madison uses, loves, and reorders constantly. If it's good enough for family...

BB CREAM: Dr Jart Dis-A-Pore

SUNSCREEN: Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30

BALM: Glossier Balm dot Com

FOUNDATION: Charlotte Tilbury light wonder foundation

Facial Oil: Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula facial oil

What to do? Call  your Grandmother, have a nap, love yourself.

Photography by Janet Schill
Muses (in order of appearance): 
Madison and Timothy Schill, 2000

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