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Real Talks - A Fireside Discussion about Modern Health and Wellness


With the rise of lifestyle content on social and mass media, it’s getting increasingly difficult to navigate what it means to be healthy. All too often the conversation becomes misleading and one-sided. Living your best life is about more than smoothie bowls and gym selfies. We want to get real about all 7 dimensions of wellness - about how spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, environmental, physical, and occupational wellness are interconnected.

Real Talks is an interactive fireside chat, hosted by Consonant Skincare, with two vibrant wellness advocates who are at the forefront of authentic conversation about healthy living. Join Madison Schill and Bianca Venerayan for this much needed chat about what it means to be healthy in today’s urban society. Join the discussion and learn more about how these women have changed their definition of health and how they channel each area of wellness.

Bring your thoughts, questions, and your friends for an evening of Real Talks. We’ll have complementary coffee, tea, fruit water, and beer on tap for your tasting pleasure.

Topics will include:

  • The social trends that affect how we view health and wellness

  • How the fashion industry and body positivity movement can co-exist

  • The financial and occupational implications of influencer brand recommendations

  • Who has the authority to take up space in the wellness conversation

  • How technology fits into health and wellbeing

And much more!

Want to join the conversation? Bring your thoughts and questions and/or DM us @ConsonantLife ahead of time and we’ll add your question to the list.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Bill 7 Trust - a charity that awards scholarships to LGBTQ2S+ students who are in financial need and studying to attain a post secondary degree or diploma.

If you do not have the financial resources to pay for a ticket but would still like to join the discussion, a limited number of complementary tickets are available. Send an email to

About Bianca and Madison:

Bianca Venerayan is a Toronto-based writer, yoga/meditation teacher, content creator and instagram influencer. Her personality-driven work focuses on mental health, wellness, sex positivity and environmental sustainability. Living in the age of social media, she spent her teens and early 20's pursuing fashion design and marketing. In growing through and eventually out of the industry, Bianca (re)discovered who she truly is and now uses her influence to share, educate and inspire.


Madison Schill is a digital strategist, writer, activist and former fashion model who has called every major fashion capital home. As the associate producer on Straight/Curve film and former fashion writer at Elle Canada, she has a fierce drive to continue the acceleration of diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Madison is a founding member of New York-based “model mafia” and labour rights group Model Alliance, both working to create protections and safeguards in incredibly vulnerable areas of her industry. With a deep-rooted love for beauty, Madison is founder of beauty platform Su La Po, where she tests products for efficacy and quality over an entire product lifecycle, on all different skin types and tones. While her most recent posting was at Coty Canada to revitalize the creative strategies of behemoth consumer beauty brands, Madison now leads digital strategy at Chimera Collective for a portfolio of incredible lifestyle companies.


This is a Consonant Life Community Event. At Consonant we believe that great skin comes from more than just great skin care. We also believe that healthy skin care is part of a larger wellness lifestyle. We host Consonant Life Wellness Events to open the dialogue about what wellness means in today’s world.