Building an Empire?

You couldn't have chosen a better time. Comprised of an international team of young, critical artists, Su La Po's decades-deep access and fresh approach to the new wave of beauty will ensure you start on the right foot. 


i-D Magazine

Pitched, produced and executed internally by Su La Po's Brandon Taelor Aviram, Laura Noben & Madison Schill. Click Here. 

Clique Media Group / Obsessee

We pitch, produce and execute bi-monthly video & longform posts for millenial and gen-Z engagement on one of Fashion's first social media-only publications. 

"Your amazing words from yesterday helped a friend of mine that took a break from University...all this time she thought that she was the one to blame, she felt dumb, she felt like a failure. After sharing your words with her, after six months of feeling this poison, she finally freed herself because I told her she was allowed to make mistakes and grow from them"

Models & Machines

Diana Veras 


Mind Over Model

2013 - 2016

ELLE Canada

Social Strategy, Digital Growth


Rani Kim x Paul Mason

Campaign Casting + Art Direction

"These posts are literal Sunshine."


Vogue New Talents

Hannah Frank Dusar + Joel Benguigui - Top Ten, 2013

Être Cecile

Social Media Takeover #CecileGirls