Meet #SuStandard.

For the past year, we've empowered over 30 women from all over the world to try, test and talk about some of the most buzzed-about products in skin care. We've carefully followed their journeys and recorded feedback in a uniquely comprehensive, customized system. After 12 months, here's who made the cut. 


CleanserS + MASKS

When it comes to cleansers, there's a lot to cover. We want something gentle, straight-forward, helpful - something that doesn’t strip everything your body naturally needs. When it comes to masks, it's all about balance; too many acid peels and you're doing more harm than good, too many thick oils and you're not going beneath the dermis. Don't worry. We've broken things down.



The best we could test.


Moisturizers + SERUMS

Acne-prone, oily, sensitive skin? You'll need something different than dry, dull, or combination skin types. Think of serums like you think of your diet - some days, you'll need different components to satisfy different needs. We've done the work to fill you in.



We do enough to our hair on a daily basis. These #SuStandard products work to revive, cleanse and hydrate our scalp, and address the needs of all unique hair textures.



Science shows that dedicated SPFs are in a class all their own when it comes to adequate prevention over time. When it comes to inclusivity, however, sunscreens fall far behind. We've tested SPFs particularly rigorously so that white casts, false coverage claims and tackiness are all in your past. 



You want to cleanse your skin, not compromise it. These will ensure you're good to go.